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Raj Mahal Restaurant

The Finest Bengali & Indian Cuisine

Our Menu

Specialist in Tandoori, Balti & Curry Dishes

Our lavish menu includes a variety of classical Indian options as well as some specialty dishes found at
Raj Mahal Indian Cuisine.

  1. Safaid Mirchi Murgh
    Chicken breast cooked in silky smooth sauce, infused with green chilli and garlic. Garnished with cashews.
  2. Chettinad
    Chicken cooked in garam masala with tamarind, red chillies and cracked black peppercorns. Spicy and hot.
  3. Murgh Mirch Masala
    Chicken tikka cooked with bell peppers and onions with a selection of whole spices, lemon juice, crushed red chillies and black peppers. Hot.
  4. Khumbani Ma Gosht
    Lamb and apricots cooked in a delicately spiced sauce with tomatoes and herbs. Garnished with cashews. Medium spiced.
  5. Mitaa Jhinga Bhaja
    Stir fried tiger prawns in a tamarind and honey sauce with mushrooms and peppers.
  6. AmmAur Chingri Salan
    Tiger prawns cooked with onions in spicy mango sauce with coconut milk and curry leaves. Garnished with ginger juliennes. Medium.
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